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Tattoo-free and happy!

Check out this page. As someone who takes pride in their body art and has spent hundreds of dollars on the best artists, I am incredibly offended by some of the things this page is saying. “Tattooed “people” are degenerates” “Real women don’t have tattoos” “Tattooed people belong in jail” “They’re all dirty and worthless”. Some of the best people I know have multiple tattoos. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

lonely-pup Sorted.

lonely-pup Sorted.

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I have captions for these pics.

"Wanna hear the most annoying sound in the world?"


"is it ok for people who are from asia (the middle east and around there, so brown) to say nigga/nigger?"

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No, no no no NO.
It sure as hell is NOT OKAY.

If you are not black don’t say it.
“nigga” and “nigger” are the same word if you’re not black.

It will never be okay, you cannot reclaim a slur that was not directed at your people.

- Susie the moderator

why the fuck can’t people wrap their heads around this shit? it’s like these anons are tryin to get folks’ pressure up.

"Nigga and nigger are the same word if you’re not black."

Brb laughing forever.
They’re serious.
They’re actually serious.

did you know that while working in beijing my friend came to realize that they use “niga” in conversation like we use “um”

fun fact

so let me get this straight…

a black person can refer to me as “cracker” which is short for “whip-cracker” as in one who cracks a whip over slaves, and there’s no outcry for falsely referring to me as a moral criminal guilty of actual slavery.

but when a white person calls a black person “nigger” which is slang for “nigerian” which is a freaking nationality, with no actual berating denotation in the first place…  suddenly, MORAL OUTRAGE BLARGABLARGABLARGA!!!

i’m going to call people what i want to call them.  and allow everyone else the same freedom to call whoever they want, whatever they want.

i’m kind of egalitarian that way.

Your ignorance is unbecoming, you uneducated swine. Your “egalitarian” thinking is actually racist, but I’m sure you know and I’m sure you do not care.

Are you so daft to think that nigger is the shortened word for Nigeria? I’m actually laughing at your attempt to justify calling a black person nigger by spewing that utter bullshit. The word nigger has never been shortened from anything. “Nigger” is it’s own word used to dehumanize an entire people. With that being said, NOT EVERY BLACK PERSON IS FROM NIGERIA.

I would ask ‘where is your humanity?’, but you have none.

White people making up lies and justifications for racism never has and never will surprise me.

Your people are demonic.

Antisj and co do love pretending like the n word isn’t a racial slur with a horrible history, but they love whining about cracker.
Talking about how it’s slang for nigerian as if its a harmless ass word but they don’t have no sources to support that shit.
anti-sj who call themselves egalitarians just because they only read the word in the dictionary are the worse when they ain’t know jack shit about what they’re talking about.


Nigger, short for Nigerian…I had no idea.
Insert side eye

I’m Nigerian the short form for Nigeria is “Naij/Naija” that’s the biggest lie I’ve ever heard I’m actually cackling at how ridiculous this is. Did this person think there are no Nigerians on tumblr or what??

- Eniola

There are literally tears streaming out of my eyes. That person really said ‘nigger is short for Nigerian’, my GOD.
How can you try to say ‘cracker’ is offensive but ‘nigger’ isn’t. I’m done.


"Nigger" is actually slang for "ignorant" because slave master considered their slaves stupid and ignorant.

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irish is such a shady language because hello is “dia duit” but directly translated it means “god be with you” and when someone says hello back they say “dia is muire duit” which means “god and mary be with you” .. its like “i see your god and i raise you the holy virgin whatcha gonna do bout it bitch”

irish isnt a language…

Ith mo thóin


Irish is a nationality. The language is Celtic.

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Dream Catcher Tattoos

A gallery of white girls who don’t know what they’re doing is racist

How the hell is this racist?????

Dream catchers are probably one of the most appropriated and exploited Native images. They’re originally Ojibwe, but have been adopted by tribes across the US and Canada, mostly as items created for sale to tourists and non-Natives. The problem is, in many Ojibwe communities, dream catchers are still sacred and their creation involves specific ceremonies and prayers. The plastic commercial keychains sold in rest stops are making a mockery of a sacred object.”

These tattoos are STEREOTYPING an entire race and are seen as racist. YES RACIST. The intent doesn’t matter. If you think that you have the privilege to do something that groups an entire race together, completely erasing the individual tribes’ identities, then you need to check yourself. It is racism. I am offended as well as many others. These types of tattoos are symbols of the oppression we have to face because of the complete erasure of our true cultures and the idea that many people have that indians don’t exist and therefor cannot or should not be offended. It may be “beautiful art” to you, but it means something completely different to those who it directly pertains to. It reminds me and others of the continuing promotion of racist stereotypes and of the constant oppression we face. It’s not cute and not flattering.”

All I had to do was google ‘Are dream catchers offensive?’. Both are linked to the source I found them from and basically if an entire group of people are coming together and saying “hey stop fucking doing this” you should just respect them and stop it.

Not to mention extremely bad luck!

LOL at all those poor souls who couldn’t spend .003 seconds researching the meaning.

LOL at all those poor souls who are now permanently labeled as racist, homogenizing and bastardizing an entire mass of cultures all very different from each other.

LOL at all of you ignorant people who think that certain things “belong” to a race or religion.



This is a sea otter with hiccups.  
You’re welcome.

Except that’s not a sea otter…that’s a seal.

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This is a sea otter with hiccups.  

You’re welcome.

Except that’s not a sea otter…that’s a seal.

"Pedophiles are people too asshole (I am not one, but I wouldn't care if I was). Pedophiles are born with the NATURAL and UNCHOSEN tendency to be attracted to young children and almost all of them HATE it and would never ever ever do anything to a child and are actively trying to help themselves. And despite everyone throwing parades and doing everything they can for others born with non regular sexualities (gays, bis, non binaries) these same people BLINDLY condom pedophiles BLINDLY. hypocrites"

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Don’t you EVER compare being LGBT to pedophilia AGAIN. Get out of here.

kill every pedo and kill every pedo defender


So you’re saying for it’s perfectly normal for a pedophile to sexually abuse his daughter? Because I’m pretty fucking sure it’s not.

Why do girls do that finger under the butt cheek thing to make their butt look different? If you’re going to show everybody your butt don’t use your fingers to lie about it.

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Why do girls do that finger under the butt cheek thing to make their butt look different? If you’re going to show everybody your butt don’t use your fingers to lie about it.

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